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So Many Thoughts, So Little Time, So Few Who Care :-)

01. The Eldest Katzen is currently in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband. They both retired in December 2008, and promptly took off in their humongo SUV (I think it is a Tahoe), pulling a travel trailer. She calls and emails frequently, and just recently, she informed me that when they return sometime this fall, she wants Cathy and me to accompany her to Las Vegas. We’re thinking the end of October. Halloween in Sin City sounds almost too fun to be legal.

02. I learned a very valuable lesson today. One of the girls in the office told us she went to see My Sister’s Keeper over the weekend. I was just half listening and asked what it was about. When she told me, I said, “Oh no! No no no no no! Just no!”

One of the other ladies laughed and asked, “So, Connie, that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea?”

I responded, “Anything with dead or dying kids isn’t my idea of entertainment.”

The room went silent and I felt like a dog. I had no intention of making anyone feel bad, I just reacted and opened my big mouth.

The lady walked over to my desk a few seconds later and said, “I feel like a dog. I had no intention of making you feel bad. I just didn’t think.”

I apologized to her, told her I felt exactly the same way and we were cool. I realized that no matter who you are or what you’re dealing with, it’s always a good idea to think before you speak.

03. Today was gorgeous, very reasonable humidity and a very decent temperatures. I was most appreciative.

04. True Blood is just about the best thing to come along since sliced bread. I read Dead Until Dark some time ago, maybe 2003, and wasn’t all that impressed. When HBO started airing the promos for True Blood, I realized they’d adapted Miss Harris’ books. I may need to give the series another try.

05. After True Blood last night, we watched Hung. Now, this was billed as a comedy, however, it was anything but. I know that they had to introduce the characters and show how Ray came to be in such dire straits, but man! I wanted to call and offer him money. I’ll give it another shot next week, but if it doesn’t get funny and fast, I believe I will give it a pass.

06. On Thursday, the whole building is throwing a huge cook out with hot dogs, everything that you can possibly want to eat along with hot dogs, and then we’re having a Pie Contest. Several years ago Nancy sent me a link for Schadenfreude Pie Leslie and I are going to attempt to make a couple and if they are good enough, I’ll enter one in the contest. Wish me luck!

07. I have three more days to work, then I’m on vacation!

Okay, I believe I’ve bored you all long enough tonight. Everyone have great night, stay cool and I’ll catch you on the dark side.

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